Kashlaty Voh

Live Act Punk Folk-Punk Punk Rock Crossover
Kashlaty Voh - Punk Folk-Punk Punk Rock Crossover Live Act in Minsk

Kashlaty Voh Short Info

group was formed on december 2006 , Minsk, Belarus with the following line-up: Stas' Chavus (bagpipe, flute, vocals), Vasil Sakovich (drums & percussion) and Viachka Krasulin (flute, bagpipe)

in summer 2008 Stas' Chavus decided to leave the band and demoCD "Demos 2007-2008" contained several recordings of band's acoustic period. band splited up in july 2008
in spring 2009 Vasil and Viachka began to work in punk style using bagpipes and flutes
on july, 2010 the current line-up settled
now band plays folk punk

on March, 22, 2013 they released the debut album

new album is going to be released on September, 2016


  • Sound Кашлаты Вох - 01 - Цябе
  • Sound Кашлаты Вох - 02 - Падарунак
  • Video Кашлаты Вох - Выступ на фэс...


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  • 2006