Just Francis

Live Act Alternative
Just Francis  - Alternative Live Act in Warrington

Just Francis Short Info

We're a band from Warrington in cheshire, we have played around 15-20 gigs over the last 8 months and we really want to get going and make as many original songs as we can and play as many gigs as possible in the North West of England. We currently have 8 of our own songs, but only a few have been recorded, and are currently only DEMO tracks.

We are also currently on a government funded program with MAS records in Liverpool, which gives us free practise and recording time and help with promotion and getting gigs, we also use I Love Live Events and Loyal to the people to get gigs in Liverpool.


  • Sound


  • Warrington GB


  • 2014


  • Thomas Holbrook Vocals/Guitar
  • Thomas Houghton Drums/Backing Vocals
  • Jack Lavan Lead Guitar