Jordan Prince
DE Munich – Americana / Folk Rock / Singer/Songwriter
Jordan Prince
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07 Dec / 2019 Silent Sounds Festival Worms, DE
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Jordan Prince
26ced5d992f03e5d172b143f31737996d3de0241 12 Songs for 12 Friends Album 2018
40b63db3868c2d1babc2c493a29a883e7442ac92 Eye to Eye Single 2018
81b0330c1b6bab70682a6cdf0e79a74c7d8c6df1 Stars Single 2018
Aa44e9933d967d84a32a824c4db6a75db4ba9d23 No Manual Single 2017
B4ec028bf0341be60adb41664a49cddcc06a26e4 Parade (Live) [Puls Session] Single 2016
3842a1583446d0c70b91ef063a032e8ed05c0f3c The Parade - EP Single 2015
B917ffccd5170a9d0d6dbb30be72d5b8160a8978 The Deer Jump Album 2014
83f316f16bd55113c2787e73c5a711bf866be4cf Fresh Ground Single 2014
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Press Text
Jordan Prince was born in the same birthplace of the King Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi, near the end of 1990.

Having grown up in Corinth, MS (a mere 2 hours Northeast from where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil), music was always an important part of Jordan's life from the very beginning. Picking up his father's old guitar at an early age, Prince soon began writing his own songs and performing at local teen clubs, cafe's, and record shops.
Soon after high school, Prince moved to New Orleans Louisiana, the birthplace of Jazz. New Orleans was the only place in the New World where slaves were allowed to own drums, and the rhythms have flowed through that city and its residents ever since. There, Prince got his education in the Arts, and was given the opportunity to fine-tune his sound through collaboration and exploration with other musical talents.
Falling in love with a European girl at his University, Prince then moved to Germany to attempt a new life abroad. Since 2016, Prince has been working out of Germany to continue his pursuit of a truly unique Americana sound.
Prince’s latest album, 12 Songs for 12 Friends was developed through a cast of inspirations from across his life like Wilco, The Shins, and Sufjan Stevens and features amazing artists like Avi Buffalo.
He has a 2019 EP in the making, and plans to release it this Spring.