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Jefferson St. Parade Band - Jazz Worldmusic Live Act in Bloomington

Jefferson St. Parade Band Short Info

Drummer Benjamin Fowler first conceived of the idea of creating a marching band in the winter of 2009. Jefferson St. Parade Band hit the streets that following spring and have since been making noise in venues, alleys, weddings, and festivals across the U.S. Digging into songs and rhythms from West Africa, New Orleans, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, JSPB combines world musics with unique marching band modern jazz.

Jefferson St. is currently pushing their debut album, Juntos, and writing new songs for crunchy drums, fat bass, and harsh winds. The band is based in Bloomington, Indiana.

Discography Jefferson St. Parade Band

  • 2012 Juntos Album | Independent


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  • Bloomington US


  • 2008


  • Ben Fowler Drums
  • Matt Romy Bass
  • Jack Stewart Bass Drum
  • Zach Frasier Guitar
  • Alex Arnold Trumpet + Accordion
  • Dylan Maloney Tenor Sax
  • Aaron Comforty Trumpet
  • Matt Andert Drums