Jazz In The Pants

Live Act Swing Blues Funk Gypsy Swing
Jazz In The Pants - Swing Blues Funk Gypsy Swing Live Act in Ljubljana

Jazz In The Pants Short Info

Jazz In The Pants is a young nine-piece band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Having started out as a jazz trio in 2011, the band has grown throughout the years, going from playing covers to creating original music, in search of their own sound.
They draw inspiration from different periods, combining elements of 30's swing music, funk, fusion and electro swing, making their compositions energetic and very diverse.


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  • Ljubljana SI


  • 2011


  • Filip Samobor lead singer
  • Blaž Mencinger singer, guitar player
  • Luka Dobnikar bass player
  • Tine Vidmar drummer
  • Miha Gantar keyboard player
  • Nejc Kotnik Tenor sax player
  • Luka Zabric Alto sax plaxer
  • Tomaž Zevnik Clarinet player
  • Jernej Maček Trumpet player