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Hello there!

My name is Jasper and I am an experienced DJ from Switzerland, Basel.
Although I am only 16 years old I already start to develope my own style of djing.
I love to play genres like Bass House, Dubstep or Drum & Bass in my sets but I am also open for requests concerning other genres.
So if you are interested in booking me head over to the booking section of this website.

Have a nice day!

Past Gigs Jasper

  • 06 | 2017 Z+1 Basel Lights Out!
  • 03 | 2017 UK Deepless Tour
  • 02 | 2017 Sektor Evolution radioactive contamination

Discography Jasper

  • 2016 Such Bass! Single | ROLLINGFOXES


  • Sound Fidelity Mixtape!
  • Sound The Afterdark Mixtape!
  • Sound The Buffalo Mixtape!
  • Video Jasper - Such Bass! (Origin...

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