Janosch Moldau
DE Neu-Ulm – Pop / Techno / Electropunk / Electro / Melodic
Janosch Moldau
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Janosch Moldau Records
Daad1b2d2495eee7aa8c8e1ff54fdd8d3ff3007d Minor Album 2015
009cda2f8272e29b0b2b1f579ccb2cc8995bf7ee The Harbour Single 2015
Db60d000c47d5d694e86f7958ce32c24e164ccb8 Lovestar Album 2012
6d1a954ee87d69e82e6eac4d28b967dde8340f19 Lovestar + into This Life Single 2012
7d5c8c58de38a734c86ef7f60a404b5d7b5812bf In Another World Single 2011
49ede500c7fb49460128bae6203f539755174f36 Redeemer Album 2005
488bb8d630dbc62528c54897464c871d9d9a4b6e On My Own Remixed+ Single 2005
36f154aa810b32f14ebf655cf5070802a930e579 On My Own Single 2005
Janosch Moldau Records Ltd.
71e3addaf46fe04216c50001e01bf3f3ebfe2b77 Second Best / Into This Life Single 2010
469ecd9a02914f93962623d6a2eae6cc70ba1751 Clear . One with the Sinner . Remixed Album 2009
Ff995394071140b41a195eb511fe655c1661f961 Motel Songs Album 2008
56c523edf1a1d38c8593881600bb5f9e7699a0f1 Not with the Son Single 2007
E68054b59eba5373951f1559f4df472bbe91e6d0 Follow Me Single 2007
janosch moldau records
81989aaaf3c4f3d0a651b6a94fb9a64a7f63259f Bleed On Single 2005
motor music/rough trade/edel
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder https://itunes.apple.com/de/artist/janosch-moldau/49448807 Album 2016
Schindler Media
Hendrik Schindler
Schindler Media
Hendrik Schindler
Motor Music
Alex Hettler
Press Text
The minor chords set a melancholy mood, evoking a Sunday somewhere between a railway station and a phone box...

Janosch Moldau’s pop is clearly the perfect match for people with aching hearts and other forms of malaise. Janosch Moldau is the secret hero of this scene, mixing hope, love and longing into an addictive potion and sharing it with these tortured souls.

Within the last ten years the musician has published four studio albums, and has toured throughout Europe and in Russia with numerous stars of the electro-pop scene. His third album, "Lovestar", expanded his committed fan base well beyond the borders of Germany. The music clip with the same name as the album was presented exclusively on the music channel MTV/VIVA, introduced with the following apt description: "Melancholy is a key element in Janosch Moldau’s work, wonderfully packaged in addictive sounds à la Depeche Mode, The Cure or Red Flag."

Just to be on the safe side, Janosch Moldau has joined forces with Vienna‘s electro veteran, Gerhard Potuznik (Chicks On Speed, Mediengruppe Telekommander, Electronicat, Bunny Lake, Mäuse and more) – the first time he has welcomed any helpers onto his melancholy boat. All the songs on the current Remix LP were recorded over the winter months in Italy on Lake Lugano, where the musician has regularly withdrawn for some time.