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Giacomo Manzoni, better known as Jackguitar Manzoni was born in Lugo on May 20, 1965.

He is a guitar player/ singer/songwriter formed artistically playing live concerts.
His "live" career started at the age of 17 years old, playing in his first boy band singing Edoardo Benntato's songs.

At 20 he wrote and recorded in studio a piece called "Forza spina", immediately after his military service, to claim the uselessness of this system.
Immediately after during the university period he listens and absorbs a lot the Police and Steve Ray Vaughan sounds. Of course he also picks a lot from the main Italian singers like Battisti, Daniele ,Bennato DeGregori… also from Bob Marley's reggae music, Neil Young's country style and all the best pop music up to the 80'.

His musical career keep on going nowadays by playing gigs with bands and sometimes as one man band busking around his travels with his 12strings guitar a small kick drum and a blues harp.

In the meanwhile the songwriting of his own songs keep on growing and with this recording too. The first self produced CDs come out with mixed compilation of covers and original Jack's songs made most of all to be sold during his concerts and gigs.

With the advent of Youtube Jack started his own channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCle_cO09VIFkcXgyhHsmXAA to be listened and followed as musician uploading in the beginning clips of live concerts with his new project band.
Around 2010 he is working a lot with reggae music and he already performs with a four elements band, in few years the band became a sextet with a extra choir of african refugees. With them they purpose a real kind of "social show" very appreciated… but not always by everyone of course, because of the political meaning and message of the show. That show infect is focused on immigration and integration matter with Jack's and Bob Marley's songs. The channel during these last three years has been charged with some music videos of this project, among them there is a nice and revisited version of Youssundur " Seven seconds" and some Jack's original songs like "Domani mollo" and " A man and the dolphin".