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J(ay).A.D - Grime Experimental Bass Music Electronic Music Juke DJ in amsterdam

J(ay).A.D Short Info

J(ay).A.D is A hunter gatherer from deep in the amazon forest of Suriname
where he protects the rain forest from evil one day he created a track that was a combination of Juke/footwork with Kawina, Dancehall, Dub and Grime that caused a chemical reaction what erupted from the process giving him Super powers to vanquish all horrible music from the world

with his latest self Released Ep Dedeyuru vol. 1
he had support from artists as Bjork on A Rinse Fm Radio show
and Slack in his Solid Steel Mix

Support from: Om unit, H-sik, Bjork, Slackk, Desto

Discography J(ay).A.D

  • 2015 Keti Koti EP | upcoming on Cosmic Bridge
  • 2015 Dedeyuru Vol. 1 EP | Self released
  • 2014 Ogri ai EP | Liquorish Dubz Records
  • 2013 H-sik Ft J(ay).A.D - Visios Single | Mad hop
  • 2012 The ghetto Ep EP | Goodstreet records


  • Sound


  • amsterdam NL