Ivan and the Visionaries

Live Act Alternative Rock Blues Folk Indie
Ivan and the Visionaries - Alternative Rock Blues Folk Indie Live Act in Berlin

Ivan and the Visionaries Short Info

Berlin-based eclectic rock band big on sharing vocals and swapping instruments.
Ivan and the Visionaries are a rag-tag bunch of minstrels drawn together by a mysterious force during the death throes of 2012. They play rock, indie, blues, folk and anything else they can get their hands on.


  • Sound Tuesday (Nights at the Ashn...
  • Sound The Ballad of Ivan the Evil
  • Sound Ain't Convinced
  • Sound The Sound
  • Sound Unfinished Business (Single...


  • Berlin DE


  • Shannon vox, guitars
  • Anika vox, bass, violin, guitars
  • Ralph vox, bass, harmonica, guitars
  • Ian vox, guitars
  • Marcel drums