Mario Ferrara
IT NOCERA INFERIORE – Baroque Pop / Indie/Alternative / Trip-Hop / Electronic Indie / Dream Pop
Mario Ferrara


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Rabbit Productions
5ddb533b211fbb70b84f18d0e79f79d2fe86e926 The Cult Of Youth EP 2017
F73ac3c3e5e3f91c981737701ef5d1a916f3f150 Creep Single 2017
Black Trident Records
9cb410da9cb94383d8276dfcf89b69146b255fe1 Gardens EP 2018
Indigo & the Sirens
Bceb72437bfb5d08d595743dbb8eb62a08624562 One Night Stands (For Max) Single 2018
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Press Text
Spanning influences such as dark wave, dream pop, electronic music, baroque pop, trip hop and more, Indigo & the Sirens is the project of italian singer-songwriter Mario Ferrara.

The Southern Italy native took his moniker from pseudoscientific new age concepts and greek mythology, a mix that depicts perfectly the sound of this genuine homemade alternative sensation.
Born Mario Ferrara on May 9, 1996 in Nocera Inferiore, Campania, Indigo & the Sirens delved into songwriting at an early age and rapidly found the perfect formula to bring his unusual stories and characters to life. His ambitious independent project started with The Cult of Youth, a dark, experimental baroque electronic piece where vulnerable androgynous vocals meet the depths of his darker guttural range.
If Lana De Rey and Dave Gahan had a child it would probably be Indigo & the Sirens.
His 2017 debut EP accumulated hundreads of thousands of streams and views across the internet without the help of major playlists or labels, its lo-fi success led him to start his own company Black Trident Records. Indigo & the Sirens’s sophomore EP Gardens was released through the label.
His vibe and his early trippy animated visuals have been often associated with names such as Lil Peep, The Neighbourhood, Ghostemane, XXXTENTACION, Billie Eilish and more even though his distinctive style puts the artist in a different self-made niche that doesn’t need a label.