Husky Loops

Live Act Alternative Pop Rock Groove Indie
Husky Loops - Alternative Pop Rock Groove Indie Live Act in 5NS

Husky Loops Short Info

This is our band description. This is a long phrase about our sound full of evocative but meaningless adjectives. This is the sentence that obscurely refers to some suffered songwriting and to some heroic performances we might or might not have actually performed. This is the part in which we name random bands hoping to seem cool just by association. This it the final sentence in which we beg you to listen to us because we crave to be heard to confirm our insecurities, covered with a layer of worn out we-don't-care attitude.
Write us a message and let us know your thoughts. We produce all our own tracks and art work.


  • Sound Husky - Esque
  • Sound Space In Between
  • Sound Yellow Leaves
  • Video Live jam - Husky Loops at t...


  • 5NS GB


  • 2011


  • Pier Danio Forni Songwriter, Producer, Guitar Player
  • Pietro Garrone Drummer, Graphic Designer
  • Tommaso Medica Bass Player, Backing Vocals