Live Act Alternative Experimental Post-Punk Electropunk Indie
Hulot! - Alternative Experimental Post-Punk Electropunk Indie Live Act in Loughborough

Hulot! Short Info

Hulot! (pron. hoo-low) are experienced musicians based in Loughb​orough, influenced by Beefheart, Kraftwerk, Wire, The Fall, the Fire Engines . . . We are a 3 piece aided by the cuttingly precise beats of various ancient drum machines. Early analogue synths raise their phat heads from time to time. What we do is Punk/P​ostPun​k/Indi​e/Expe​riment​al/Thrash​iness.

Past Gigs Hulot!

  • 11 | 2016 Leicester Pi Bar


  • Sound
  • Sound Strange Skies
  • Sound Awesome
  • Sound EUROBEAR
  • Sound Russian FM 2


  • Loughborough GB


  • 2002


  • Colin J Fuller Vocal, guitar, programming
  • Chris Macauley Bass
  • Steve Parrish Guitar, vocal
  • Roland 626 Drum machine