Hipster Slayer

Live Act Indie Pop Rock Experimental Pop
Hipster Slayer - Indie Pop Rock Experimental Pop Live Act in Berlin

Hipster Slayer Short Info

We are a band originally from Jakobstad, Finland but two of us are living in Berlin right now so we are looking for gigs here.

Finnish music blogg, Varldensbastamusik, about Hipster Slayer: "From Jakobstad rises an indiepopelectro monster that breathes flaming synth lines so powerful that the whole of Europe are gonna want them on their side as if they were the house of Targaryen from Game of Thrones"

Our songs are popsongs but we have a lot of different influences so our music tends to get a bit experimental at times. We've all been studying music at some point and we're all experienced musicians who love playing live.


  • Video Hipster Slayer - In Space (...


  • Berlin DE


  • 2012


  • Tim Granbacka lead vocals, synth, guitar
  • Victor Sågfors guitar, synthguitar
  • Mats Ödahl bass, synthbass, backing vocals
  • Toni Nordlund drums
  • Joel Fagerholm synth, mpc, backing vocals