Hella Rebelliön

PRO Live Act Punk 'n' Roll Hard Rock Hardcore Rock Punkrock Melodic
Hella Rebelliön - Punk 'n' Roll Hard Rock Hardcore Rock Punkrock Melodic Live Act in ÅLESUND

Hella Rebelliön Short Info

Hella Rebelliön plays punk with references to several of the 21st century's greatest Norwegian giants.
The tracks are steeped in a drive and agressiveness that draws parallells to bands like Silver and Zugly.
The vocalist Markus sounds like a pissed off Hank Von Helvete at his best/worst.
This sonic sledgehammer plays music that spans from the almost metallic and hard, to punk'n'roll with licks alà Euroboy.

Past Gigs Hella Rebelliön

  • 02 | 2018 Alesund Blood command / Hella Rebelliön

Discography Hella Rebelliön

  • 2018 Drop the soap Album | Rob Mule Records
  • 2017 Rebelliön Single | Rob Mule Records
  • 2017 FYCC Single | Rob Mule Records


  • Video Hella Rebelliön - FYCC
  • Sound Rebelliön
  • Sound FYCC

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  • 2017


  • Markus Olausen Vocals
  • Rune Nordheim Guitar
  • Mikal Eriksen Guitar
  • Øystein Westrum Bass
  • Sindre Brunes Battery