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Harmelogic - Worldmusic Ethnojazz Neo-Klassik Live Act in Maribor

Harmelogic Short Info

Harmelogic is a duo formed by pianist Kristijan Korat and percussionist Damir Mazrek. Both come from Slovenia. Their compositions are mainly based on different types of world music, which transforms into a mixture of various music styles such as jazz, neo - classical and in some parts also pop music. They are also inspired by Balkan traditional music, which is not so unusual, since themselves are born in an ex - Yugoslavian country. As already mentioned, Harmelogic can be heard as a duo or in more extended music casts with different types of musicians. Find more about Harmelogic on their official website.


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  • 2013


  • Kris Korat Pianist
  • Damir Mazrek Percussionist