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Gleam Joel was born in Nairobi, Kenya.

There, the young Gleam Joel struggles to belong and find meaning in life as he overcomes an abusive father, gangland crimes, police brutality, jail, drug abuse, the loss of love, and more, through music and spirituality.

When Gleam seeks a sign for redemption, he has a divine intervention and is given a golden opportunity to develop his God-given musical talent by studying abroad at a music academy in the peaceful nation of Switzerland. Embracing his destiny, Gleam turns his back on his violent past and accepts the living light and love of God. He is spirituality rejuvenate and leaves for Switzerland, where he becomes a Swiss citizen destined to become a celebrated rapper and prominent anti-substance abuse/anti-violence leader, who spreads the path to enlightenment through the music of today's youth all over the world.

On his arrival in Switzerland he attends the music academy and Swiss University, graduating in social work, performing arts, Music Theater and theology. He created and implemented numerous award winning national youth empowerment projects. In 2009, he produced "Underground the Musical" with 150 young people touring all over the country, selling thousands of tickets and was celebrated by more than 60 different national and international media organizations. He successfully hosted discussion panels with members of the Swiss Parliament, and social, spiritual, and community leaders, to discuss the issues affecting the youth today. He created and implemented numerous award winning national youth empowerment projects in Europe and is intent on replicating that success in the United States. Gleam is a powerful voice for the youth of the world who share the universal gift for the love of music.

As an artist, Gleam Joel a European Hip Hop celebrity released two albums and featured in many singles that charted in Europe and sold thousands of copies worldwide. Gleam has performed hundreds of concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Brazil with the likes of Black Eyed Peas, d 12 emen group, Kanye West as well as for the president of Switzerland and Germany.

Gleam has been portrayed in hundreds of magazines, news papers, and ezines, and\ music videos are played worldwide reaching millions.

In 2010, he came to Los Angeles and produced "Still Standing The Musical" a biography of his life written with Ed Rampel, a free lance writer for the LA Times. In May 2010, he took the production cast of 24 to Switzerland on a promotional tour, performing to sold out shows.

Currently, Gleam Joel is touring with his band, promoting his latest album "Still Standing".