Bollwerk 107

Ohr Vernisssage/Ausstellung Moers
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Private Event on 2019-09-21 in Moers , DE

The Ohr Vernisssage/Ausstellung Moers is seeking for Bands from the genres Psychedelia, Fuzz, dark melodic metal, Progressiv Rock, Latin Rock, Rock and Roll, Surf, Groove Metal, Desert Rock, Post-Metal, Dark Metal, Prog, Death/Thrash, Acid Rock , Neo Thrash, Psych, Glam Metal, Britrock, Modern Rock, Southern Rock, Power Rock, Symphonic-Metal, Melodic Rock, Sleaze Rock, Power Metal, Heavy Noise Rock, Gothic Rock, Barock, Streetrock, Speedrock, Spacerock, Dark Rock, Djent, Psychodelic, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Romantic rock, Opera Metal, Melodic Metal, Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Grindcore, Rocksteady, Adult Rock, Piano Rock, Kraut Rock, Sludge, Pop-Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Acoustic Rock, Glam Rock, Punkrock, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Stoner Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock, post hardcore, Rock ’n’ Roll, College Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Thrashcore, Heavy Metal, Noise Rock, Hardcore, Synth-Rock, Alt-Rock, Dance Rock, Epic Rock, Alternative Metal, Shoegaze, Math-Rock, Metal, Deutschrock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Metalcore, Soft Rock, Easycore, Melodic Punk Rock, Melodic Death, Post Progressive, New Prog, Indie space rock, Beatdown, Artrock, melodic Hardcore, Classicrock, Nu Metal, Modern Prog Metal, Heavy Rock, Postrock, Progressive, Doom Metal.

Art der Veranstaltung: Vernisssage/Ausstellung

Beginn (ungefähr):

Dauer des Auftritts: 2 bis 4 Stunden

Sonstige Anmerkungen:

  • Fixed Fee

    maximum fixed fee of 1,250.00 €

  • Travel Expense Compensation possible
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