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Concert on 2018-06-14 in Berlin , DE

The Konzert is seeking for Bands from all genres.

Width 6m - Depth 3,70m –Height 0,80m – Clearance: 2,50m
we prefer to have no drum risers, two 2x1m stage risers on 40cm available for

Soundcraft Si Compact 24 / Mini Stagebox 32

Main PA:
2x Kirsch Audio PTK 118 - 3 Way Top
2x Kirsch Audio PBK 221 - Subbass 2x 21"
Powersoft Digam and Yamaha Amping
Controllers not accessible for Band engineers!

4x HK Audio P:RO 15x on 4 Channels of Amping
no separate Monitor Mix possible

Microphones / DI:
1x AKG D112
3x Sennheiser e604
4x Shure Sm57
2x Shure Sm58
2x Sennheiser e840
2x Sennheiser e845
1x Sennheiser MD 421
2x AKG C1000
3x Stereo DI passive
4x small stand
8x tall stand

3x 5er Bar Par 56 auf Bühne
und eine 7er Bar Par 56 in der Front,
Diskolichtanlage (e:cue butler):
6x Futurelicht PHS 260
diverse LED Par 56
+ LED-Blinder

  • Fixed Fee

    maximum fixed fee of 150.00 €

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