Galactic Superlords

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Galactic Superlords - Rock Live Act in Köln

Galactic Superlords Short Info

Energetic, wild, authentic and with a slight touch of retro sound:

Galactic Superlords from Cologne, Germany present a thrilling mixture of 70s Stoner Rock and 80s Heavy Metal.

Formed by five long-time friends in the late days of Summer 2014, the band created a set of self-penned songs and performed at shows that wowed all audiences.

Wether they smash their original tune "Eagle", a classic rock hymn to sing-along, or "Hades", a real moshpit-machine: The Galactic Superlords play Rock that comes straight from their hearts and goes right into your ears and legs.

Past Gigs Galactic Superlords

  • 12 | 2014 Amdeüsss Speedshop, Cologne Asssilvester


  • Galactic Superlords has no media connected.


  • Köln DE


  • 2014


  • Kathi Heldt Gesang
  • Dennis J. Sennekamp Gesang, Gitarre
  • Alex Miller Gitarre
  • Christian Lantin Bass
  • Carsten Krohn Drums