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GabbaLovers - Rock Rock Live Act in Brussels

GabbaLovers Short Info

Gabba (ex Vaporellas) - child of the Ramones - dreams of a boysband.
She meets JHell (ex Lovegang) after a gig. Some words on a cardboard, four guitar riffs …
They meet Flupke, the Females Rock’s dad and bassist (ex Narcotic Daffodils)
who drags drummer MIKE Z (ex the Names - Jo Lemaire - The Rowdies) into the band .

1234 Let’s go !

GABBA’s got her LOVERS boysband !
A 4 tracks CD is recorded in March and released September 2014
See them on stage !

Past Gigs GabbaLovers

  • 06 | 2015 LILLE - France EL DIABLO - 999 pre-act

Discography GabbaLovers

  • 2014 GABBALOVERS EP | gabbalovers


  • Video Gabba Lovers - No Time


  • Brussels BE


  • 2014

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