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Frånke Short Info

Playing mostly, original, easy listening music incorporating various instruments (guitar, piano, accordion, ukulele) sometimes with guests appearances. Singer and acclaimed actor Jernej Campelj brings interpretation of songs to a next level in live performance, and so do other band members with their musical performance.
Every member, backed up with over 10 years of experience with their instrument, playing before mostly in rock related music, explores new music dimensions in our new genre.

Discography Frånke

  • 2016 Ljubljana Single | self-labeled
  • 2016 Brajda Single | self-labeled


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  • Video Frånke - Love (live) (Franke)
  • Sound Frånke - Brajda

Fan Radar

374 Fans


  • Grosuplje SI


  • 2015


  • Jernej Čampelj singer
  • Dejan Markič keyboards
  • Zlatan Delič drums
  • Gregor Lužar bass
  • Frenk Mehle guitar