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Francis - Rock Nu Jazz Blues Rock Melodic Live Act in Bradford

Francis Short Info

Mateusz Tutak,Jonathan Chatziliadis,and Stephen Myers are
A Rock trio from Bradford UK, on which they bring a multicultural twist, proving ethnic diversity that will always add richness to our society. They met at Bradford College, on which they started jamming and they felt there was a magic and they became fans of each other. Then they started playing around the country and started getting their name
around the music industry.

And this year they are about to release their first EP.

"Every set we aim to inspire people to break down the barriers within society that can stifle creativity and suppress the sounds of joy”

Past Gigs Francis

  • 06 | 2016 Barnsley Live in Barnsley
  • 05 | 2016 york
  • 04 | 2016 Bradford city 1in12 club
  • 03 | 2016 Leeds Key club
  • 03 | 2016 Leeds 360 club

Discography Francis



  • Sound Thief
  • Sound Let It Breathe
  • Sound 6/7 Days

Fan Radar

1,993 Fans
1,864 Plays


  • Bradford GB


  • Mateusz Tutak Bass Player
  • Stephen Myers Guitar/vocals
  • Jonathan Chatziliadis Drums/Vocals

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