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Fox in Oil - R&B Alternative Pop Rock R&B Live Act in Saint-Petersbourg

Fox in Oil Short Info

It’s those wildcard moments in life that lead to soulful transformation. For the sleek pop-
rock quartet Fox In Oil, that moment came when a band of seasoned professionals decided
to take a chance on a newbie, a 15-year- old wunderkind female vocalist and songwriter.
Lucky for all involved, it was a match made in pop heaven, leading the Saint-Petersburg,
Russia-based band to a new era of fertile creativity and assured artistry. Now, with a
recently released EP, and its milestone follow-up EP slated for release, Fox In Oil is poised
to emerge an international pop powerhouse.

Fox in Oil on Tour

  • 19 | 08 | 2017 Moscow Local Food Market, The Museum of Moscow
  • 25 | 10 | 2017 Saint-Petersburg Fox in Oil show, Clubzal

Past Gigs Fox in Oil

  • 08 | 2017 Moscow O DA, EDA
  • 07 | 2017 Saint-Petersburg O DA, EDA
  • 02 | 2016 Saint-Petersburg, Russia The Fratellis (support), Kosmonavt club

Discography Fox in Oil

  • 2015 Flowers Bloom in Atacama Desert EP |
  • 2015 Hail the Queen Single |
  • 2015 My Infinity Single |


  • Media Dog
  • Media Love, Love, Love
  • Media Book Chapter
  • Media Let Me Believe
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  • Video Fox in Oil - Love Love Love...
  • Video Fox in Oil LIVE Potpourri

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  • Saint-Petersbourg RU


  • 2015


  • Daria vocal
  • Alex guitar
  • Dmitry bass
  • Alexey drums

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