Foreign Objectz

Live Act Rhythm & Blues (R&B) Rap Pop Hip Hop R&B
Foreign Objectz - Rhythm & Blues (R&B) Rap Pop Hip Hop R&B Live Act in Liverpool

Foreign Objectz Short Info

we are a group called foreign objectz, we have currently been working on a studio EP for the good part of 2 months. we try to tackle every aspect of genres to keep our audience wide, we have a good relationship within the three of us for we are close friends out side of the music too, easy to group to maintain and work with, good sense of fashion, good stage presence and talent wise are experienced within the live performing field for we have done a lot of shows and dance performances around Liverpool and Scotland.


  • Sound Foreign Objectz - Love Me L...


  • Liverpool GB


  • Timothy Walimbwa singer
  • Esperant Cadito rapper
  • Jonathan Loimo rapper