HR Zagreb – Psych / Progressive / Noise / Avantgarde / Spacerock
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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Riding Through the Black Hole Album 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder I Album 2008
Cosmic Eye Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder St. Anthony's Fire Album 2013
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FJODOR BIOGRAPHY Members : Current lineup: Ivan Beuc – guitar Aljoša Reljić – drums Marko Plešnik – bass Ex members/guests: Sabahudin Ekić - bass Dušan Žica – synths Matija Santro – cajon Andrija Santro – synth Adam L.

Turjak – laptop, synth
Lovro Zlopaša – saxophone/synth/ guitar
Tena Novak Vincek – violin
Ivan Aranđelović – el. piano, synth

The Music:

Fjodor is a powerful psychedelic/space/noiz trio(with occasional guests) influenced by lots of different music genres (krautrock, jazz, noiz, space, electronic, contemporary and classical music, balkan & oriental roots music, sludge, doom, metal, etc.).

The Band :

Band was unofficially formed in 2006 as a jam trio (guitar, synth, drums). Two years later, two more members (violin & bass) joined the band and they recorded their first album titled as "I"(2008)
In 2010 they released one song/jam @ R.A.I.G.s "21st Century Space
Adventure"(free download compilation).
Soon after the synth and violin player left the band and Lovro Zlopaša (Owie
Pockshull, Seven That Spells, Tigrova Mast, Vergl Grind) joined them as a guest with his saxophone & synth on their Danish tour in December 2010.
In 2011 Fjodor officially started playing as a powerful trio (guitar, bass and drums)
which resulted with their second release - album titled as ‘Riding through the Black Hole’.

Fjodor has promoted their second album at their Scandinavian/Baltic/East European Tour in
August/September & Balkan Tour in November 2011.

Releases ‘I’ and ‘Riding through the Black Hole’ were diy and self released.

In 2012 Fjodor started working on their first official release together with
Dušan Žica (Temple of the Smoke) on synths. In 2013 they finally mastered their 3rd album
‘St. Anthony’s Fire’ which resulted as one 46min long track. The album has a vinyl release through Cosmic Eye Records.

After several European and Balkan Tours Fjodor shared stages with lots of great bands as Zechs Marquise, Dukatalon, Belgrade Noiz Society, Oresund Space Collective, etc.
Despite all the working class heroes problems and issues that they had from the early beginning Fjodor manage to survive in the same lineup for almost a decade.

Working on new material is now in progress.