Fed Horses

Live Act Alternative Country Folk Indiepop Rock Melodic
Fed Horses - Alternative Country Folk Indiepop Rock Melodic Live Act in Logatec

Fed Horses Short Info

Fed Horses is a Slovenian alternative country band. Their performance was described by media as:

"With their own “johnny cash” rock sound they belong to a rodeo, high-end whiskey tasting or a motorcycle reunion. Boys and Dolly Parton, pardon me, Urska as their vocalist, showed a great potential with their technical perfection and a different approach to country music as such, that can barely be found in Slovenia."


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  • Logatec SI


  • 2013


  • Jure Mihevc guitar
  • Rok Škrlj bass
  • Timi Eler drums
  • Urša Mihevc vocals