False Hopes

Live Act Hardcore Punk melodic Hardcore Hardcore post hardcore Punk
False Hopes  - Hardcore Punk melodic Hardcore Hardcore post hardcore Punk Live Act in Glasgow

False Hopes Short Info

False Hopes are a fast hardcore punk band from Glasgow that sound a bit like Propagandhi playing Trash Talk songs (or so we've been told). We really enjoy playing quick, technical music that challenges what hardcore punk can be. We are releasing a song a month in 2016.

FFO: Trash Talk, Modern Life is War, Defeater, Comeback Kid and Gallows. Only we're faster than all four of this bands.

Past Gigs False Hopes

  • 02 | 2016 Glasgow Campfires, Armstrong and Part Time Heroes
  • 02 | 2016 Glasgow Crows-An-Wra, Rainmaker and Lost Limbs in the 13th Note Cafe
  • 12 | 2015 Glasgow After The Fall, First Step to Failure and I Said Good Day
  • 11 | 2015 Glasgow HECK, Megalomatic and Rising Pacific
  • 10 | 2015 Glasgow Goodbye Blue Monday
  • 09 | 2015 Glasgow ASTPAI, Elk Gang and The Skag Hoors

Discography False Hopes

  • 2016 Turn to Dust Single | Cold War Legacy
  • 2015 Sloganeering Single | Cold War Legacy


  • Media Sloganeering
  • Media Homesick
  • Sound Turn to Dust

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  • 2015


  • Mark Vocals/Guitar
  • Clusk Guitar
  • Jono Bass
  • Craig Drums