False Advertising
GB Manchester – Alternative Rock / Alternative / Grunge / Post-Punk / Rock
False Advertising


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False Advertising
E00ea7168e1648b281d4339565f4c97cae532ce0 You Said Single 2018
Fb2977f8fb9f7375e1eacd7409ddb81af83809cb Belligerent Album 2018
281f191fed7f92f39052a9cc39eefd1e76c1a78b Not My Fault Single 2017
C21e68e30d785ff0055183477b070582bc4ea463 Honest Single 2017
48b8e9462d6d993bf2a227f0ca4525727dfda1d5 Hey You Single 2017
A0b2a6eb84bc2f84c6121f6accb82a471d6fef25 I Would Be so Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring Single 2017
079fcf3b09cd01c7589e09c6250fe23da3bfc5f7 Alopecia Single 2016
C2b715b6bf52b3f1270cf60d7fa01abf285df557 Brainless Single 2016
6143e91a14330ba4cb42ecd4fe3ac42b458e6575 Give It Your Worst Single 2016
52910b337126938cb7466c4b28aabce909c0c300 Wasted Away Single 2015
9808579647f3dab3500056d7fa3bbb20b6340dac I Don't Know Single 2015
F4e92d090d863566521e9a2769118f17e272d58e Dozer Single 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring EP 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Brainless EP 2016
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder False Advertising Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder You Said Single 2018
Too Pure
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Give It Your Worst Single 2016
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Press Text
In the grand scheme of young bands to care about, Manchester-based alternative trio, False Advertising, present a tantalising prospect.

With three years together spent bubbling under the surface of the UK music scene garnering kudos for their chaotic live shows and self-made releases, their niche is now carved, and the stage set for something much bigger in 2019.

Rounding off last year with a full page feature in NME which praised their brand of slacker-rock as “delightful”, 2018 has seen the band hailed as a certified “band’s band”, with Robert Smith (The Cure) personally inviting them to play his own Meltdown festival, Steve Lamacq praising their ferocity upon catching their SXSW set, PRS awarding them Momentum Funding, Everything Everything endorsing them as “their favourite new band” live on Radio 1 and guitarist Jen Hingley being voted 8th ‘Best New Guitarist In The World’ by Total Guitar.

The band are gearing up for their new album campaign (set for release in 2019) which was recorded at Paul Epworth’s Church Studios. You Said is the first taste of this forthcoming chapter, further fueling the growing buzz surrounding the band and already racking up 60,000 plays on Spotify in the two weeks following it's release. 

Venting heightened emotions of united frustration, whilst deftly mixing grunge with alternative rock. Lyrically half-pop-culture-junkie, half-moronic-anti-anthem, the instrument-swapping trio’s songs are laced joyful catharsis and dissonance, their rotating line up of front-person and drummer fostering both inclusivity and unpredictability.

"One of SXSW's revelations, delivering raw, emotion-laced grunge with serious staying power.” - DIY

“Raucous, accessible and with plenty to say, False Advertising are more than worthy of their hype.” - For The Rabbits

"Hook-heavy fuzz freaks.” - NME

"A really, really tight, ferocious three piece, you should check them out.” - Everything Everything (live on Radio 1)

"They deliver the kind of riffs that will have fans of '90s alt-rock digging plaid shirts back out of wardrobes.” - Total Guitar

“False Advertising continue to show us all exactly why they're one of the hottest new bands to keep your eyes and ears on.” - Popped Music