Fallen Angels Crew

Live Act Heavy Metal Beatdown Hardcore Punk Hardcore Heavy Metal
Fallen Angels Crew - Heavy Metal Beatdown Hardcore Punk Hardcore Heavy Metal Live Act in Moscow

Fallen Angels Crew Short Info

The band started in 2005 as The Krays Crew, later changed the name to Fallen Angels Crew. Always been a huge act in Moscow and Russia hardcore scene. The band faced 3 major line-up changes, for now Fallen Angels Crew include members of such big Moscow acts of 90's and 2000's as 095, Crocodile T.X., Thaivox, B67 and some more.
Our web links
http://fallenangelscrew.bandcamp.com (all recorded tracks and albums)

Past Gigs Fallen Angels Crew

  • 04 | 2015 Moscow with 5Corners (SPB) Brooklyn club

Discography Fallen Angels Crew

  • 2015 Split with Mental Strength Album |
  • 2015 Old World's End Single |
  • 2014 My Soundtrack Album |
  • 2009 Old Times Album |
  • 2007 EP EP |


  • Video Fallen Angels Crew - Приказ...
  • Sound Fallen Angels Crew - Freedo...
  • Sound Fallen Angels Crew - No Sur...
  • Sound Fallen Angels Crew - My Sou...
  • Sound Old Worlds End

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  • Moscow RU


  • 2005


  • Alex D Vocal
  • Dima MCM Vocal
  • Konst Drums
  • 033 Bass
  • Vadim D Guitar