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EXZ - Electronica Live Act in São Paulo

EXZ Short Info

EXZ is the result of the collaboration between Alexandre Silveira and Leonardo Stroka. Two young producers based in the chaotic metropolis of Sao Paulo, from where they nourish themselves with inspirations and raw materials in order to create new soundscapes. Their musical productions have found an outlet in labels as attentive to their novelty and originality like Gop Tun, through which they just released the "Mangue" EP, as well as launching on their own the excellent “Mato”.

Past Gigs EXZ

  • 09 | 2014 São Paulo, Brazil GopTun Quintal
  • 09 | 2014 São Paulo, Brazil BLUM


  • Sound EXZ GUEST MIX ∆ MOOD /// UN...
  • Sound EXZ - Bot


  • São Paulo BR


  • 2012