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Entkunstung Short Info

Im a Colombian Curator / Artist / DJ living in Vienna which happens to play with the alias of Adorno. Entkunstug is the title of my work in process project and with it I try to present ways of expression which are avant-garde or at leas are different. In art everything is susceptible to be art, but not everything values the same, that count for EDM as well.
As a DJ I confront myself with the task of being a Curator: to select and create narratives in this sea of possibilities. But as an artist, each set allows me to create a mood, an experience.

This is my website: www.entkunstung.com

Past Gigs Entkunstung

  • 10 | 2014 Vienna Entkunstung
  • 08 | 2014 Vienna Entkunstung


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