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Westway LAB - Apply to portugal's first international showcase festival!

Westway LAB Festival is Portugal's first showcase festival, featuring a PRO conference and artist residencies yielding unique performances. The 3-day festival takes place in Guimarães, Portugal's birthplace city, in the amazing CCVF Cultural Centre as well as other venues.

Starting in 2014, Westway LAB is now preparing its third edition with the announced dates of April 14-16th 2016, in Guimarães. The Westway PRO conference will start a day earlier, in Lisbon, featuring a digital music conference at the CIM, Incubator of Mouraria, presented by MERLIN. The artist residencies take place at the Centro de Criação de Candoso in Guimarães, starting a week before the festival.

This showcase open call is your chance to introduce your music to Portugal, a country of music lovers with a blossoming Summer Festival circuit. The Festival showcases are generally either well-attended free gigs or sold out in advance, and both the public and the registered PRO delegates attend the showcases.

Past performers: Blaudzun, Young Karin, Fabrizio Cammarata, N´toko, Nástio Mosquito

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Artist applications are open from 3rd December – 1st February
  2. You need a valid gigmit Premium START or GOLD artist profile
  3. It is essential that the application form is filled out correctly, including social media for Facebook and Soundcloud links, so we are able to contact the right people if we have any questions
  4. Whilst it is not compulsory to add your social media pages to your gigmit profile, it is still highly recommended you do so. If you don't it can hold your application back and lower your chance of playing at the festival
  5. Selected artists are required to perform a minimum of 40, but maximum 60 minute set
  6. Due to the expectedly high number of applications we are unable to give direct feedback to any band or artist who has been unsuccessful. Please do not contact our booking team directly; we will definitely contact you in case you’ve been chosen
  7. Durch die hohe Anzahl an Bewerbungen ist es uns leider nicht möglich direktes Feedback an Musiker zu senden, die abgelehnt wurden. Bitte kontaktiert unser Booking Team NICHT direkt - wir melden uns bei euch.
  8. When asked to submit a technical rider, please submit a stage plot or an equivalent word/PDF document.
  9. Showcase participants receive a 300 € fee plus accommodation and dinner / catering on the day of their performance; plus complimentary PRO badges to attend the conference during the 3 days in Guimarães.

In order to apply for Westway LAB Festival you need a gigmit Premium START or GOLD artist profile. Upgrade now and apply right away for one of the Westway LAB Festival Slots.

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