Influencer marketing? Here’s how to do it!

How exactly does this „influencer marketing“ work?

Briefly put: it involves a special marketing strategy that profits from the reach and and influence of important trendsetters and opinion makers. At first glance, this seems like old news. Publicity and attention, combined with significant multipliers, have always been important for companies. So what’s so new about it all? It’s just the fact that platforms like YouTube or Facebook create more influencers and offer a lot more possibilities than the traditional, preexisting channels. The internet is teeming with loud new opinion-makers (Influencers = Bloggers and influencers on social media such as Instagram or YouTube), trusted by concumers and by their audience. It also means that influencers are regarded as experts and role models within their communities, and their followers trust their opinions and recommendations. So, when influencer XY says that a certain event is a must-see, you can expect to have a full house.

How can you find the right influencer for you?

The keyword here is: image. The influencer must have a good image; they must be a good fit for your event, so that the end result is realistic and credible. That means you must also check their relevance in your field. Analyse their target groups, and check out how popular they are, and how much attention they are getting. Ask yourself if they match your genre, or if they aren’t such a good fit. You must also check out their content. Is it high quality? Is it relevant? What is their name recognition level? And on which platform would you like to advertise? Does the specific influencer have enough followers on that platform? Would it be worth it?

How and where can you find influencers?

There are two ways to find them: Either you go the traditional way and look for them yourself; you can search thematically based on current content which may be directly or indirectly related to your event, or by using key words or hashtags that you think are relevant. Or you can go through an influencer agency. There are also quite a few helpful tools, such as:

  • Social Mention (Top user when it comes to a specific keyword)
  • Klout (a tool that estimates the activity of an influencer)
  • Twingly (all significant trends and influencers)
  • Influma (a search engine that lets you use a specific keyword to find the most popular profiles, social media accounts, content creators, media, articles, etc. on a given topic)

And how can you get influencers on board?

The best way to go is personal contact. The influencer must know a few things on the subject, and be able to form a clear opinion on your request. In any case, exclusive offers can help, too – let him/her take a peak into your unpublished material. That will make them feel special, and pique their interest and curiosity. Also, it can’t hurt to ask for their opinion and trust in their expertise. And it’s very important to avoid putting pressure on them. Of course you should set clear guidelines, but you should always stay friendly. After all, it’s up to the influencer to decide when and how they will advertise your gig.

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