How does Influencer Marketing work?

And what about my Event?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencers – formerly called influentials – are well-connected multipliers. People who, especially in social media, have a great influence on others, i.e. fans, followers and friends. Influencer marketing tries to profit from the persuasiveness of an influencer. The greater the range of the influencer, the greater the perception of your event. Publicity and attention in connection with important multipliers have always been of great importance for companies.

In the end, influencers are nothing more than trendsetters and opinion leaders who influence their peers. Whats new and exciting: the digital peers of an influencer usually include millions of people.

The internet is booming ahead of opinion makers, bloggers and social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube, who are attracting the trust of consumers and recipients. They are seen and recognized as experts and/or role models in their community. Their opinion is the key. So if a suitable influencer says you shouldn't miss your event, you can count on a full house.

'Which influencer suits you?

The magic word at this point is image. The influencer must have an image that matches your event or brand. The whole thing has to be credible and also look like it. That means: check the influencer's relevance in the industry! Take a close look at its target group. Would you like to have these people in your club? Analyze its content further. Is it high quality and professional enough? On which platform do you want to advertise and does the influencer have enough followers?

Where do you find Influencers?

Either (A) by classic research: You search thematically for current articles that have a direct or indirect relation to your event. Or (B) in the form of keywords or hashtags that are relevant for you. Or (C) with the help of influencer agencies.

Finding a suitable influencer is not easy. However, there are helpful tools that can make it easier:

  • The real-time search engine Socialmention shows which topic is currently being discussed, lists the top influencers on this topic, shows the most frequently used keywords and the social channels.
  • BuzzSumo enables a very comprehensive analysis of the data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.
  • Influma is a search engine that spits out the most popular profiles, social media accounts, author media, articles, etc. for a keyword.
  • Followerwonk Some call it a Google Analytics for Twitter.
  • Also suitable for Twitter is the tool Tweetreach. It shows how a tweet is received and how a hashtag moves through the Twitter universe.
  • One tool dedicated to finding influencers on Instagram is
  • daily publishes a kind of chart list to the posts that have the most comments, shares or likes on Facebook or Twitter.

However, these tools do not replace your personal perspective and the examination of the content of each opinion maker.

How to win an Influencer?

The best way is to contact them directly. The influencer must have knowledge in the area that you are looking for and a clear opinion about your request. Ask him or her for it! Exclusive offers can help. Give him or her an insight into your previously unpublished material. This can spark his or her interest. Very important: don't put time pressure on an influencer! Clearly you should be clear and precise when it comes to your briefing, but stay friendly! Ultimately, the influencer decides when and how to promote your event.


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