Wyoming at Melt! 2015

“When we were 14/15 years old we all had our own garage band projects. We would never have guessed that they would develop into a band with a Melt! Booking and record deal.”

Hanging out in sweaty practice rooms and playing music that they loved listening to was already a reality for David, Sascha and Manuel when they were 15 years old. In 2012 they started the music project “Wyoming” and have been working on their professional career development ever since. Their performance at the Melt! Festival 2015 will definitely not be their last big gig, but it did give them a massive boost.

Following several support shows for bands like Kakkmaddafakka and Glass Animals, massive festivals like Melt! no longer feel quite so foreign for these three musicians.

Our personal development has benefitted the most from the experience. We often question ourselves, go over the concerts in our heads, and examine what we stand for and the things to which we’ll always remain true. It has really helped us to have played live concerts like Melt!, which resulted in us getting more work and expanding our experience. (Manuel Lukas)

Wyoming are playing at various events including c/o pop and the Kornern Festival in Berlin and they’ve recently started writing songs again. We can’t wait to hear their new tracks!

Wyoming on gigmit

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