Why are local support acts so important?

If a well-known band books you as a local support band for one night, or perhaps even for several gigs, it’s definitely something to celebrate. The mere fact that you’ll get to know the main act personally and make some useful contacts is worth getting excited about. The fact is – such support gigs act as a springboard for your music career. We’ve taken a closer look at this issue here. What are the pros and cons regarding support gigs?


  • You get to play in front of a big crowd
  • You build up your own fanbase
  • You can network with other musicians, managers, A&Rs etc.
  • It looks good on your music CV
  • It’s good experience and practice


  • Sound and lighting can often be bad
  • Frustrated and impatient crowds
  • Relatively small fees
  • You may have to bear some of the costs

It’s worth noting that it’s quite rare for local supports acts not to receive a fee. And it’s also uncommon that the sound will be badly mixed or otherwise not taken care of. Such horror stories are a thing of the past. So get out their and play, people!

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