What makes a good band photo?

Organise your thoughts and create your image: Before you let loose, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve, what makes you and your music stand out from the rest. Gather your ideas and create a mood board using different photos and videos that represent your music and image. It’s useful to keep your target group in mind when doing this. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have achieved the first milestone! And remember to be clear about your image and stay authentic.

Find a photographer: This really depends on your budget. The more you have available the better. But even if you don’t have that much cash lying around, there’s no need to panic. It doesn’t really matter how professional he/she is, but they need to have a real feeling for phototography. The quality of the final product also needs to be excellent. Have a look around local art schools. Write ads on notice boards and online portals like rec-orders or dasauge. Ask your mates if they know someone that might know someone. Ask your friends, post in facebook groups and so on.

Check out potential photographers’ portfolios and decide which of them best match your style and idea. Which are the most likely to achieve what you want? Then when you’ve found a suitable candidate, ask him/her what’s important for them and tell them what you need. For example, what will the final cost be? What locations and outfits will be used? What conditions are there for publishing the photos? And how many photos can be published? The list goes on…

Action: Keep your schedule in mind and plan enough time for the shoot. You should reserve about four hours, or even more if you want to shoot at several locations (which can easily take a whole day) and need to include a few breaks along the way. It’s really important that you work in a team and not against one another. Your band should embody the spirit of your music. Does the photographer have any comments or tips? If yes, take them on board and try to turn them into action. Don’t be shy, but don’t pose too much either – it can often come across as unnatural. Think about how the photos should look beforehand, create an art direction and discuss it with the photographer. Believe in yourselves and give it everything you’ve got. At the end of the day, it should be fun for everyone involved.

Make your selection: It everything went to plan, it’s now time to select 3-5 of the coolest and most convincing photos. Usually you’ll be offered a large selection of photos to choose from. Everyone needs to be happy with the final choice, so make sure that you all agree.

Publish your pics: Try to use the same photos with the same image on all your communication channels. The aim is to be clear and consistent. Your photos also need to be easy to find and catch people’s eye. So be careful how you label them and check that the format and resolution are correct.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? So shoot some cool pics and don't forget your press kits!

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