at Christopher Street Day 2016

“We love music and write all our own music ourselves. We are passionate about the message of love and forgiveness, which is another reason why we care so much about writing music. We love music, we love people and we love Jesus; those are our main passions in life.”

Without a job with a fixed income many musicians can't pay their bills. Luckily the trio from Twelve24 doesn’t fall into that category and by now they can live from their music.

“We do our music full time, this is our job. It is such a privilege and a pleasure to be able to do this. We make a living from it by regular gigs that we do all over the world and our fans, friends and families who support us as well as our merchandise sales. The digital age of Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes makes it very difficult to make money directly off the music though.”

In August 2016, the three musicians played at Christopher Street Day in Hamburg, a traditional festival and demonstration of the LGBT community. They rocked the stage and made more than 300 people dance through their whole set.

“We had an awesome time at Christopher Street Day in Hamburg. We didn't know what to expect but it ended up being really cool. We just came to have a good time, and we hoped that a few hundred people came. We ended up with over 300 people at the show, and it went really well, so we are very happy about that.”

Twelve24 already had experience with big stages. They are used to playing gigs of this size; the gig at CSD was about size that they normally draw. Josh Green told us that the band sometimes plays for thousands of people. Nevertheless the gig at CSD was a milestone for the three musicians.

“It was a milestone for us in terms of playing at a show where we wouldn't normally play because it was outside of any contacts we had, so that was cool and the gig itself was great.”

Like a lot of musicians, the trio found gigmit on Facebook. After the gig in Hamburg, they hope to find more opportunities like that in the future.

“We are just finishing some time in the studio working on new music and then we are going on a huge tour which takes us all over the world....WOOP! gigmit also helps us to have a very professional profile online that we can show to promoters and bookers, no matter where we are.“

Twelve24 on gigmit

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