Top 5 tips for your Artist Page

1. Create a bilingual profile: More and more international gigs are being published on gigmit every day – you should therefore make sure that the info about you and your band is available in English too. The best way is to create German and English versions of your profile.

2. Add your media: It is absolutely vital for you to add your media to your Artist Page. No media = no gigs. Your SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube profiles can all be integrated. Promoters can listen to the tracks of artists who apply to their gigs via a dedicated player– it’s therefore really important that you add SoundCloud tracks to your profile (for technical reasons only SoundCloud tracks can be played using this player). So if you haven’t already done so, get online and upload your tracks to SoundCloud!

3. Genres: Make sure promoters know the kind of music you and your band play: add genres. Artists can add up to 5 genres in the gigmit basic package, and as many as they like in the Premium packages. The more genres you add, the more suitable gigs will become available.

4. Previous and upcoming gigs: To ensure A&Rs and promoters know just how busy you are, it is really important that you add your previous and upcoming gigs to your Artist Page. They want to know how often you’re on the road and which clubs and festivals you’ve played at – so tell them!

5. Fan Radar: Your fan radar shows how well known you are and how big your fanbase is. The bigger it is, the more appealing you are. The radar shows your number of Facebook and Twitter followers as well as your SoundCloud plays and YouTube views. To set up the Fan Radar you simply need to connect it with your Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube accounts.

What are you waiting for? Get on your Artist Page, connect your social media and increase your fanbase! Expand your Fan Radar and get noticed!

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