7 things to consider immediately after a booking

1. Soundcheck

Find out quickly when you need to be there, and when it will be your turn to do a soundcheck, so that no-one is late. That way you guarantee that the event will go as smoothly as possible.

2. Line-Up

In order to be better organised, make a plan beforehand – who will do what, and when. When you have been booked for a gig, then you must of course clarify when it will be your turn to play, and how much time you’ll have. Can your set be 30 minutes long? Or maybe just 10? Clarify that immediately after the booking, and prepare accordingly.

3. Money, money, money...

You of course have the right to enquire about your fee for the gig. If you are not satisfied with the offer, try to negotiate. Once again, don’t leave the question until two days before the gig. When it comes to the money, pay attention to the following points: What percentage of the total takings will you get? Or are you just getting a fixed fee? If yes, when will the payment be made? And is there anything else that you need to know?

4. Backline

Many venues place some equipment at the disposal of the musicians, such as amps or a full drum kit. Other venues can’t provide anything. You must find out what is available and what you need to bring.

5. Event promotion

It goes without saying that you will promote yourself and your own gig. But is the promoter willing to do the same? You need to shed some light on that ASAP, and get moving. Will there be flyers and posters? Or will it all just be done digitally? How will you share the expenses?

6. Merch

A question which may appear trivial, but which must also absolutely be clarified in advance, is whether you are allowed to sell you merch. And will a table be set up for you, or do you need to set up your own? After all, you don’t want to end up standing around without a table and pass up on selling your stuff, right?

7. Guest List

It is customary to allow one person per band member to go on the guest list, though of course that really depends on the venue and the promoter. So do let them know in good time who you want to have on your guest list.

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