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A Success Story

Adi, the name of your band has existed for a long time, but as a professional band you’ve really only existed for 2 years. Why did it take so long, and how did you come together?

Yes, I’m the only survivor of the original band. I had to find my own voice, and it took a long time. But I found it at least. It started 4 years ago. Everything begun to make sense in the music, and I finally felt comfortable. After producing video clips, a guy from London asked me for some gigs, but I had no band members, so I asked via Facebook for people that wanted to play. That was the beginning of the new member setting. Now we are very close to each other.

For being a musician you need loads of passion. How was it for you? When and why did you decide to make music on your own?

I started with playing at the age of 8 because I found a guitar in my brother’s room. The first music things I learned from my grandmother. She had a piano, and that’s why I wrote her the song “Sofia”. “Mr. Postman” from John Lennon changed something inside of me and music started to be a passion. Later I had two record stores, so I had the chance to listen to every kind of music.

Passionate musician in part-time is a commonly used model. Without a job and a fixed income, many musicians can't pay their bills. How about you? Can you make a living from music?

Except from me, everyone has a second job. In Berlin we will try to get some earning from the gigs, but we just started, and we don’t expect to get big fees. It’s a process of growth. Finding festivals and places with more people is right now our main goal. By the way I saw an interview with the guitar player of The Scorpions years ago and he said he didn’t earn money in the first 10 years of his career. So I’m still optimistic.

Are there special gigs that are particularly memorable for you?

Basically it’s the same energy at every stage, it doesn’t matter where it is and how big the venue is. For us there is no favorite gig – every time you are playing live, it is a favorite gig! But there is one show we will never forget: in the beginning of our career, we played in an old house in Tel Aviv. The volume was too high, so that pieces from the ceiling fell down and, after the window shattered they stopped the show. But it’s a good memory.

The last gigs in Liverpool were fantastic, especially because of the promoter “Cavern Club”. To feel comfortable you need promoters which are authentic, live the music and understand what you are doing on stage.

Self-marketing, fan growth, networks, landing bookings etc. - The to-do list is long for a DIY musician, who wants to take his career independently into his own hands. Do you have some tips or tricks?

The first thing to know is: Facebook is not enough! You have to concentrate on each platform. There is no other way. We have a lot of radio spots on more than 150 radio stations around the world. The promotion of the radio stations brings a lot of listeners. We had 700 followers two years ago, now we have more than 2000.

At the concerts you have to be connected to the people. That’s important. At the gigs we feel more than just the music. It’s like a gathering. Some people say, we are the reason why they are there, but honestly the people are the reason why we are there.

To find the right promoters is always a process. Both sides - band and promoter - have to be ready for each other. Important is to always be heard, to present yourself and to invite promoters to your shows. You have to be ready all the time because you never know when it’s your time to come around.

How did you take notice of gigmit? In what ways does gigmit help you?

We found gigmit on the internet while searching gigs in the UK and in Germany. We try to be active on every platform, but gigmit was the first one that ever worked for us. I like that the promoters contact you directly and you contact them back. It’s good that gigmit concentrates only on the gigs and don’t add other functions like “contact platform for band members to find each other”. All in all, it’s a good way to spread your music.

To whom would you recommend gigmit?

The most famous established bands already have booking agents and a working management, so gigmit is great for professional bands, standing not yet in the spotlight. You can grow with gigmit! Of course every gig is a challenge, and you have to do it by your own but you can get gigs that make some interests in the places you go.

Which bookings did you get through our platform so far?

December the 15th we will play in Blackland Berlin and at the 21st of December we have a gig in Hannover’s club “Rocker”. It will be our first time in Berlin, and we are looking forward to have a great time together.

What is your next step? Gigs, touring, studio time? What are your plans for the next few months?

Our last CD, that we released in April, was very successful and we reached more than 5000 reviews in blogs and magazines. That’s why we are planning a new release in the end of summer called “The Corridors Live at Cavern Club Liverpool”. We will mix the shows and concerts and produce a CD and a DVD. In December we are going to Berlin and after that we will start our UK Tour. We are very excited to share our work with everyone.

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