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A Success Story

To be a musician you need loads of passion. How was this for you? When and why did you decide to make music on your own?

About a year after we founded our first band at school at the age of 14 years, myself and the bass player started to write our own songs. It felt natural after playing music by our favourite bands for a year to give it a try and write and play our own ones of which we'd be even more proud and passionate about.

Which artists are inspiring you and are influencing your music? Or in other words: What kind of music do you listen to when you're not on stage? What was your last concert which was not yours?

To start with, I began to learn guitar when a friend told me in 1993 that Nirvana songs were easy to play on the guitar. This was the reason I started and I don't think I'd ever become a professional musician without the inspiration of bands such as Nirvana or Radiohead for example. I listen to a lot of folk. New and old stuff from Damien Rice to Nick Drake but also to any music that's authentic and well made. I was playing at the Pure & Crafted Festival in Berlin 2016 and shared the bill with Noel Galagher, Tricky and Mando Diao. That was quite impressive.

Passionate musicians working part-time is a commonly followed path. Without a job with a fixed income many musicians can't pay their bills. How about you? Can you make a living from music?

I’m playing over 150 live gigs a year, so I'm constantly on the road across Europe and can live from the income. A lot of “wanna-be-rock-stars” want to be professionals without dedicating to their music the same amount of attention, focus or time it would take to make a living from any other activity but simply expect "to be discovered". I believe this to be the biggest mistake. If you want music to become your profesion treat it as any other profession.

150 live gigs a year? Wow! Who is doing the management? Do you have some tips or tricks?

I do everything by myself: the booking, logistics, planning and management. And it is a lot of work indeed. There is very little I can say about it except that you learn all of these things by doing it.

How did you discover gigmit? How and whereby does gigmit help you?

I met the founder Marcus at a festival in Berlin about 3 years ago. gigmit helps me with booking some shows. It has been 10 gigs so far.

Some of the gigs were brilliant like the East Side Music Days even if we didn't get any money a part from CD sales but it was good promotion for us which sometimes is even more important. Westway Lab was an awesome experience especially since I had never played in Portugal before but really enjoyed it. Well organised and advertised. That was definitely my favourite!

What is your next step? Gigs, tours, studio? What are your plans for the next few months?

We're always on tour but this year we're also working on a new album. An album in 5 languages and two dialects. It will most probably come out in February next year as we need to look for a proper agency this time to promote the new release well.

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