4 sound tech tips for Reeperbahn Festival

incl. spoiler and win-win-competition

For those with voice: Music Makers Playground

New at Reeperbahn Festival will be the Music Makers Playground - an area on the decelerated Festival Village where various exhibitors offer expert advice on their products for musicians and visitors. If you like microphones and radio systems, you should pop over and find what you are looking for at the appropriate stands.

For those with PA: workshop

There will be a workshop in the Häkken Club on PSM In-Ear Monitoring on Friday morning at 10:00. A practical lesson with sound engineer Jürgen Schwörer will be helpful for everyone who wants to hear themselves really well on stage. First come, first serve.

For the ones with ears: school bus sound

There will be an American school bus in the Heiligengeistfeld. If you are interested in headphones, earphones, MOTIV products or deckchairs you should stop by. The bus belongs to our friends from Shure and they provide equipment for listening and content creation. You may test it for free!

Spoiler for critical sound purists: they have recently succeeded in raising the bluetooth audio quality of their SE Earphone Series to an impressive new level. On top of that they’ve also extended the battery life of their wireless devices. Keep your eyes open for Giveaways on the Shure Bus.

For those with ADHD: short concerts

The Shure Bus will be hosting two showcase acts from BIMM who are also on gigmit. ED PROSEK from Brighton on Thursday at 13:15 and on Saturday at 18:30. On Friday at 13:45 THE FLAVIANS from Berlin will perform live. The gigs only last tight 15 minutes - just right for those with short attention spans.

For those at home: competition link

And now an advice for everyone who can't attend Reeperbahn Festival 2019: You are still interested in sound enjoyment? This link leads to a win-win-competition by Shure and Deezer. It’s taken from a flyer that’s gonna be handed out at the festival. #digitalassetviagigmit
Click, but please don't tell anyone! ;)

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