5 reasons why nobody’s coming to your shows

These and other factors are the reasons why nobody is coming to your shows.

1. Book local support bands for your main act! Popular acts that tour the whole country will usually be real money-spinners and attract loads of fans. But it always makes sense to search the region first in order to entice local people. And what better way to do that than with a good local support band, DJ or other act. Every member of the local act then asks X number of friends to come along to the show. They then ask their friends, who ask their friends. Before you know it, everyone will know about your event.

2. Know your audience! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a booker/promoter in a youth club, autonomous youth centre or a specific gig venue – you need to know who your regular customers are. People who have always associated your venue with punk and metal bands won’t be happy if you offer them emotion-filled acoustic pop. Always try to organise your programme based on the same genres to avoid losing any of your important regular customers. It’s best to get to know the regulars in person. Speak to them and find out what they want. That way you’ll be able to adjust your programme accordingly and book the right bands.

3. Make sure to market the event! There’s nothing worse than having great acts and an awesome venue, only for no one to turn up for the event. To avoid this you need good marketing, which has often been learnt the hard way! A Facebook event and a really well-designed flyer are no where near enough to make your gig successful. Here are a few tips on how to get your event noticed.

  • Print flyers and posters and share these in nearby clubs and venues (after asking for their permission first!)
  • Post regular updates, e.g. videos of bands playing at the event.
  • Register your event on portals such as livegigs.de or last.fm
  • Contact regional newspapers and magazines and tell them about your event!
  • Set up an efficient ticketing system like Affilitix
  • Book a photographer for the show!

4. The right venues for the right bands? For most people it’s enough that their favourite DJ or live act is playing. But for many it’s also really important that they’re playing at the right kind of venue. Let’s take the example already mentioned above. It makes absolutely no sense for a punk rock band to play in a traditional theatre. And there's also no point in organising a classical concert in an autonomous youth centre. It may sound interesting, but it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be a success.

5. Keep an eye on your competition! This is especially important in big cities! The gigmit head office is in Berlin, a city where around 100 concerts take place every single night. It’s therefore incredibly important to know what else is happening in the city on the day of your event. Ask around and see when other promoters are planning their concerts. This also applies to non-music events. Large competitions like the FIFA World Cup can keep the crowds away from your show. Only by offering a good line-up of gigs will people keep coming on a regular basis.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start promoting!

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