What should you include in a press kit?

There are basically two kinds of press kit: electronic (EPK) and physical (PPK). Both of them have their advantages. If you tend to prefer using an electronic version, it’s also really important to have a physical version to hand. Not only do booking agents and labels prefer receiving physical press kits, they also leave a longer lasting impression and don’t end up in the trash straight away.

OK – so what should I include?

  • A cover letter: This is where you briefly introduce yourself and explain your intentions. Don’t include too much info here – it’s just an introduction.

  • Contact details: Make sure to also include your press, management and any other important contact details. It’s also a good idea to include a clear link to your EPK on your homepage.

  • Logo(s)

  • Band Bio: Here’s where you can really make yourself stand out! Write about your band’s history in an exciting and convincing way. And make sure to get it translated into English by a professional! (How a band bio should look like).

  • Demo CD: Although it’s enough to include links to song downloads and SoundCloud in an EPK, with a physical press kit you’ll need to include a good old demo cd. It’s really important to ensure that it’s a professional quality recording!

  • Photos: They need to be high quality and printed out. The higher the resolution, the better the impact.

  • Discography: This should be as comprehensive as possible, including all of your releases to date.

  • Tour dates: They should be constantly updated and include the date, town/city and venue.

  • Interviews and press reviews: Select them according to your priorities and choose only the most impressive reviews that are likely to make the biggest impact.    

And a few other things to bear in mind:

  • Who, where, what and when are the most important details
  • Use a convincing title
  • Be authentic and individual
  • Short and sweet is best
  • Stick to a maximum of one page
  • Check your spelling and grammar

Fact: a physical press kit (PPK) is a lot more expensive and time-consuming, but also a lot more impressive than an EPK. The mere fact of having top quality printed images and text makes a big difference. But remember that the overall package is also really important – you shouldn’t just send a simple piece of paper. Get creative when considering how to make the biggest impact. Because who doesn’t prefer holding something physical in their hand?

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