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"Making ends meet as a musician these days can be tough."

For being a musician you need loads of passion. How was it for you? When and why did you decide to make music on your own?

I’ve listened to music obsessively ever since I was old enough to grab a pair of headphones. But I only started playing music during my teens. I played the guitar and sang in grunge bands. I had childhood depression and it just disappeared when I discovered that I could write songs. It was this magical thing where I could transform something painful into something that I could share with people.

Which artists are inspiring you and are influencing your music? Or in other words: What kind of music do you listen to when you're not on stage? What was your last concert which was not yours?

If there is one common thing in all the music I'm listening to, it’s the fact that it often has a strong emotional content. I also like listening to artists who constantly push their boundaries and make different musical choices from album to album and are not scared to experiment with instruments and different methods of writing. I've always liked strong melodies, the kind of melodies you find in powerful popular songs, but arrangement wise I always get much more inspired by more experimental electronic music. So I could end up listening to Tame Impala or Siriusmo obsessively for one week, and then to Jlin, James Holden, or Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe the next.

The last concert I attended in Berlin was Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. She has this live set up with a big modular system and makes a beautiful use of it. She also found a way to integrate vocals to her performance which is not an easy thing to do with modular synths because of the sequenced pattern. It was a great concert.

Passionate musicians working part-time is a commonly followed path. Without a job with a fixed income many musicians can't pay their bills. How about you? Can you make a living from music?

Making ends meet as a musician these days can be tough. Apart from my music, I am also an Apple certified trainer for the music program Logic pro X, so I give workshops at training centres on music production to help other musicians develop skills.

A good way for me to make it as a musician is to keep my costs low. Because I do most of the stuff on my own (recording, arranging, mixing, performing), I don't have to pay musicians, producers, engineers or studio time. This makes it easier for me to keep my costs low and live from my music.

How did you take notice of gigmit? How and whereby does gigmit helps you?

A couple of friends told me about gigmit when I moved to Berlin. At the time I was just going from bar to bar on my bike, talking to owners and getting myself shows. It worked but was very time consuming so I was very happy to let gigmit do that job for me later on. It’s a very good way for me to avoid the hassle of having to find shows and focus on the music.

Which bookings did you get through our platform so far?

I got to play at several venues across Berlin, including the Volksbühne, which was such a great place to play, because I saw some great concerts at Grüner and Roter Salon and also bands I like played there (like Patrick Watson for example). Through gigmit I also played at the East Side Music Days which is a street music festival along the East Side Gallery. I enjoyed performing there with many other Berlin based musicians.

What is your next step? Gigs, tours, studio? What are your plans for the next few months?

At the moment I'm busy recording my full-length debut album in Berlin.

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