No career without a network

To be honest especially when you start you music career it is hard to take the right path in the music scene jungle. By far it probably will be the hardest but most exciting time for you as a musician. By looking at the vast amount of your competitors it is clear that not only the quality of the music will decide about fame and honour. The most important motto is: Network is King! Only with good connections and an active network you will be able to take the next steps in your career.

How to make great contacts

We live in a digital world where we often talk about networks and communities, but honestly: Do you know all of your Facebook friends in person? The personal contact is the most intense and sustainable connection possible. You probably remember the handshake or the charisma of a person you’ve met than a random online profile. Personal contacts are specially in the music scene the essential that might help you to start a career.

1. Concerts

Not only at your own concerts but also at the ones of other bands and musicians you’ll spend a great evening as well as you’ll meet the local promoter or the owner of the venue to get in contact with. Ask at the bar for the responsible person, be confident and start a talk. It is as easy as that. Admittedly the first step is the hardest, but it will be way easier afterwards. Have a chat with the band who’s played the show you’ve visited as well. You’ll never know what impact a simple chat can have. Maybe the band is looking for a support act for their next shows or a collaboration will follow. That is how networking works.

2. Showcase Festivals

Networking is way easier at showcase festivals because that is all it is about there. During showcase festivals the whole whole music scene meet each other, have a chat, exchange ideas, discover talents and make big deals. It is a great occasion for you to be open and brave and start chatting with people. You’ll see that after the first step is done, everything will happen like it is meant to be. New people you’ve just met will introduce you to others and so on. The only thing you need is just the courage to start a chat, a smile and your business cards.

3. Musikmesse Frankfurt

Musikmesse Frankfurt is the absolute perfect place to make connections and network. Musikmesse is the International Trade Fair for Musical Instruments, Sheet Music, Music Production and Music Business Connections and covers the complete spectrum of products from classic instruments, guitars and basses, via woodwind, brass and percussion, to electronic equipment and hardware and software. The fair is a business and marketing platform for companies of all sizes. You are going to meet the greatest influencers of the live scene and legendary musicians as well as brands and labels. With these contacts you’ll make your network perfect.

But that’s not it: At Musikmesse Frankfurt you are directly at the pulse of the time. New trends, techniques, instruments and products will be shown. You will find new inspirations and impulses, that further will help you to step up and get your career going.

Musikmesse Frankfurt is further a place to experience and discover innovations. There is the area called Brandworld Drums & Guitars where you can join exclusive presentations of virtuous musicians. Following their performances, the artists will be available for questions and to meet the public. That is your chance to make top contacts!

Musikmesse Frankfurt is an absolute recommendation from our side! The whole music industry is represented here from April 2nd to April 5th 2019. Find more info about Musikmesse Frankfurt right HERE

photo: Michael Schack an den E-Drums // source: Jean-Pol Sedran

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