In front of your audience

Quality can save your ass

Madison and Fifth: Every time you walk out in front of your audience you take a risk. It might be a bar gig or a club – maybe a hall or big stage – or even a festival. Whatever the size, wherever the venue, as performers we owe it to our audience to deliver the best show we can.

We guitarists often take the central role on stage – after all, we do like to show off. But disaster can be waiting if we don’t prepare ourselves and our gear for our time in the lights. OK, so we have the guitar that just oozes cool, we’ve got the clothes and the hair and we know our setlist back to front. Everything is going to go well – right

Guitar is hanging by a thread

So I’m standing there – we are 4 songs in and all is going well. The audience is loving it and the band is cooking. My favourite 335 is round my neck and its time for my solo. I look down and the first thing I see is the nut from my strap lock on the floor. This guitar is hanging by a thread...

It wasn’t the best solo I ever did.

The following week I was at Frankfurt Musikmesse and, by a strange twist of fate, I came across a German company called Schaeffertec at their first show with the LOXX strap lock. The LOXX product was a professional strap lock that solved all the problems I had experienced with other manufacturers. After the events of my last gig, it was obvious this was a great product to go with and so we agreed on distribution for the UK. That was in 2011 and LOXX strap locks have never let me or my customers down.

And this is what we do at Madison and Fifth. We look for the best products we can find from around the world for the performing guitarist – products that will not fail you but provide the confidence you need when it's your turn to stand under the lights.

You’ve got the right gear.
Now you are looking for live opportunities?
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