Katie Mac

“Sound City was great.”

“I started writing poems and making them into songs too young to even realise that it was a decision I was making. I enjoyed singing as soon as I learned it was possible, but it wasn't enough for me and as soon as I could reach the piano and stretch my arm around the guitar, I began learning.”

Although Katie is used to open air gigs of this scale, she does yet make a fixed income from this (as it is the case for many musicians).

“Living from my music? That's the dream. I'm an Eco Cleaning Fairy. I clean four days a week and use the rest of my time to organise musical activities. I save up to travel to gigs, get my guitars fixed and pay my way.”

Since 2015 Katie is playing in a band with Daniel Badger (guitar), James Cranford (keyboard), Liam Kelly (bass), James Connor (drums), Andrew Connor (bit of everything). At Liverpool Sound City Festival she took the guitar into her own hands and played a fantastic one-women-gig.

“Sound City was great. Unfortunately I couldn't get a slot for the full band, but I was able to play twice during the festival. Even if I didn’t get paid, playing at Sound City was still a great experience. It's a great atmosphere and most of the crowd are around to listen to different kinds of things.”

Liverpool Sound City is a traditional showcase festival in the UK, located since 2008 in Liverpool’s city centre. It is separated into two parts: the festival part and the industry conference. The festival portion is especially valuable for newcomers, as they have the chance to present themselves to industry professionals. Showcase festivals are the mirrors of the country’s national music market. This is where different stakeholders from the whole music scene meet.

“I've never really thought about specific goals. However, by advertising my music through a blog, gigmit is really helping me connect with an audience I would have struggled to reach otherwise. gigmit is also helping by allowing me to apply for shows I wouldn't know about otherwise, but make for a great experience.“

In November Katie Mac’s first self-titled EP is coming out. She recorded one of the songs at Parr Street Studios and the others in her garage, like an authentic DIY musician. The video will be released first and then the song will be available to buy and stream on all the usual platforms. In December Katie and her band will have their first UK tour.

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Katie Mac on gigmit

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