'Reeperbahn Festival was a quite big showcase for us to perform at, and Waves Vienna was really good as well.'

gigmit: When and why did you reach the decision to make your own music?

Kalandra: Music has always been a part of my life, and I always dreamed of creating my own music one day. When I started studying music at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, that’s when I took matters into my own hands and started to experiment, and work with other musicians and learn as much as possible.

gigmit: How do you see yourself? Would you say you’re more like professionals, semi professionals or rather hobby musicians?

Kalandra: Professional.

gigmit: Small clubs, big festivals - where do you feel comfortable about doing music?

Kalandra: We like both. The small clubs are always more intimate, and for our kind of music, intimacy and a magical atmosphere is something we strive to achieve live. Performing during daytime outside can therefore sometimes be a hit and miss. We love performing in churches, where we get that natural long reverb and delay on our sound.

gigmit: How do you reach promoters (out of gigmit)? How do you research and whereby do you get contacts?

Kalandra: Word of mouth is helpful. We ask other musicians we know who are doing well and try to approach people we want to work with in a hopefully natural and authentic manner

gigmit: You’ve already played many gigs. How do you get so many bookings?

Kalandra: We work with gigmit, but we do most ourselves. In Norway you have to ask the venues themselves, whilst abroad it’s common to have one or more booking agents who are responsible for the entertainment for every venue. As we used to live in Liverpool for quite a few years, we made good connections and friends in the field that we personally also trust.

gigmit: What would you say attracts artists to such platforms as gigmit? And how and where does gigmit help you out?

Kalandra: I would say gigmit is great for up-and-coming bands who need that extra push before they break. It’s a good stepping stone to reach out to a new market you otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to reach. We’ve met photographers, musicians and followers, sound technicians and booking agents that we still keep in contact with.

gigmit: Is there any special gig you got through gigmit (for that you’re really grateful)?

Kalandra: Reeperbahn Festival was a quite big showcase for us to perform at, and Waves Vienna was really good as well. Ringsted Festival in 2016 was also our first gig in Denmark and it was great to actually meet face to face with the Gigmit crew for the first time.

gigmit: What would you recommend to other musicians? Do you have any tips and tricks?

Kalandra: Before you contact Gigmit or any other booking platform/agent, it’s important to have your promotional material in order (website, pictures, social media), and that the music you have online is of a professional standard and that your live shows also reflect that professionalism. And lastly, it always helps to meet someone in person and get to know the people you are working with. When you have been booked, use that opportunity to your best advantage. You never know who you’ll meet on your way there.

photos by Rune Hammerstad & AB Photography & gigmit

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